Perfecting your Practice

At GreatLakes Medical Billing (GLMB), we are as passionate about collecting the maximum cash for your efforts from payors as you are about healing your patients. Working with us enables you to devote your valuable time, energy, and skills to patient care while we use all our resources and deep expertise to collect the maximum possible reimbursement legally allowed for you in a timeframe much shorter than the industry average.
We maximize and accelerate your cash flow! At present, our hundreds of Physicians and HME Supplier clients are able to focus on their core competency and enjoy the benefits of the trust they have placed in GLMB as their dedicated Revenue Cycle Optimization partner.

Save Time & Money While Reducing Stress

Our Physician & HME Billing services have helped hundreds of providers. You want to practice medicine to heal the patients in your care. That’s why you became a physician. Not to push paperwork and worry about getting reimbursed fairly and timely for the valuable care and services you provide.

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We Are Your Dedicated Revenue Cycle Optimization Partner