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HME Supplier Billing services by GreatLakes Medical Billing
The HME billing service offered by GreatLakes Medical Billing and Practice Management is designed to maximize a supplier’s revenues by reducing claim denials and following up on denied claims. It helps you reduce overhead by avoiding the expenses required to operate an internal billing department while minimizing aging receivables due to staff turnover, vacations and absences. The service helps you increase efficiency by freeing up time to focus on the delivery of your products, instead of billing issues.
Our Home Medical Equipment billing service includes:

  • Entering new patient demographics.
  • Billing entry of capped rental, purchase and supply items.
  • Submission and follow up of CMNs and physician orders.
  • Automated claim review and insurance verification prior to submission.
  • Electronic and paper claim submissions to insurance companies.
  • Submission of primary, secondary and tertiary claims.
  • Correction and resubmission of rejected claims.
  • Claims tracking and follow up.
  • Claim reviews and appeals.
  • Payment posting.
  • Patient statements.
  • Monthly management reports.
GreatLakes Medical Billing’s Revenue Cycle Management Services leverages the power of powerful software and and services from patient intake to collections that will improve your financial performance, better serve patients and strategically grow your business.

In this new era of reduced reimbursements, increased audits and regulatory pressure, your success depends on the ability to effectively measure and adapt your business to new requirements and emerging opportunities. Our Revenue Cycle Management Services allow you to do all of this while effectively creating better relationships with your patients and vendors.

We at GreatLakes Medical Billing act as an extension of your team. Our HME experts work with you to give you the benefits of a large professional operation without requiring you to be staffed like a large professional operation. We are your partner in success!

Our HME Experts will  Help you Optimize Your Financial Performance

When you outsource your HME supplier billing to GreatLakes Medical Billing, our dedicated team of billing experts will help you collect more, get paid faster and maintain professional industry compliance. Our benefits include:

  • Maximize compliance of filed claims
  • Minimize denials and write-offs
  • Work denials quickly and effectively
  • Improve DSO and accounts receivable aging
  • Increase rental-to-sale conversion
  • Improve collections to billing ratio
  • Post payments accurately
  • Provide ongoing education of changes in industry billing requirements