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Physician Billing Services by GreatLakes
Make GreatLakes Medical Billing your dedicated revenue cycle optimization partner! Our team of billing experts will accelerate your cash flow, improve efficiency, and help you save time and money by not having to deal with the complexity of the claims reimbursement process. Our platform, processes, and staff have a proven track record built on serving hundreds of providers like you.

You want to practice medicine to heal the patients under your care. That’s why you became a physician; not to push paperwork and worry about getting reimbursed fairly and timely for the valuable care and services you provide.

GreatLakes Medical Billing does one thing and does it exceedingly well by focusing on it each day: Revenue Cycle Optimization for all our clients. By using GreatLakes physician billing services, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every single reimbursement dollar due you is being collected with the utmost urgency and tenacity. Let us take on the headache of managing the complex reimbursement process, leaving you in control of the financial health of your practice and focused on the physical health of your patients.

Make your practice as profitable as it can be by putting our dedicated teams of expert billers, credentialing professionals, and accounts receivable managers in your corner. Whether you are a solo-practitioner, a large group practice, or anything in-between, size alone does not impart or prohibit profitability. The right plan, focus, tools, processes, and people deliver that. We bring all of these to the relationship with you. You take care of your patients. It’s that simple!