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Take control with the ability to view claims, make changes, see EOBs and payer web sites from within the claim.

Our claim scrubber ensures claims are edited and accurate before they ever leave our system. DX for ICD10 alerts you of non-payable codes, allowing the cleanest claim rates available on any system.

ERAs are seamlessly integrated, and coordination with the clearinghouse en- ables full viewing of EOBs, realtime eligibility, clearinghouse edits and claim denials.

EMR compatibility is available from right within the claim, making patient information and medical notes one click away.

ClearpathMD’s appointment scheduler allows simplified entry of patient demographics, insurance information and UPSP verified address confirmation. Check patients in, print routers and set up specific appointment types with ease.

ClearpathMD also offers clients the ability to receive a daily text, at the end of each day, informing them of their claims submitted and current A/R. Our dashboard makes reporting easy and the status of your practice crystal clear.

In the past two years, ClearPathMD has submitted over half a million claims with nearly $18 million in payments processed.