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Why choose GreatLakes medical billing services?
Most billing companies are living in the days of antiquated billing processes built around paper. This is not only costly but error prone and inefficient. Time is money and slower cash flow results in lost profitability to your practice.

GreatLakes Medical Billing uses the following three key ingredients in its “secret sauce” that maximize your profitability:

  • State-of-the-art technology based platform – avantMDTM
  • Lean Six Sigma based billing processes engineered by experts to minimize inefficiencies and errors
  • Dedicated team of billing, credentialing, and medical practice revenue optimization experts based entirely in the United States of America

This combination is a result of a relentless focus on “continuous improvement” that is part of the culture at GreatLakes. We are never satisfied – having achieved one level of profitability maximization for you, we are always looking for the next!

This state-of-the-art Medical Revenue Cycle Management and Optimization (MRCMO) engine, typically available only to large institutions, is now an affordable and must-have option for you – whether a solo practitioner or a provider in a larger group, our services neutralize the advantage traditionally held by payors over your practice.

Key reason for trusting our medical billing with your end-to-end MRCMO needs are the following:

  1. Focus – Our focus on the revenue cycle enables you to focus on the care of your patients
  2. Leverage – Leverage our state-of-the-art technology and processes to maximize collections
  3. Results – We have a proven track record of delivering industry averages beating results for our clients
  4. Staffing – Redeploy resources to higher value tasks
  5. Cost Optimization – Compelling cost/benefit based on lower costs & higher, accelerated payments
  6. Growth – Our cloud is your path to cost-effective practice expansion
  7. Control – Detailed reporting and 24/7 system access keep you in control of your revenue
  8. Work-life Balance – Spend your time on top life priorities, not after-hours billing issues

Make Your Practice Efficient & Effective with Medical Billing Service