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September 12, 2015
Mark Popkin

Whatever business you do, revenue steam remains the heart of it. When it comes to physician medical billing services, collection of receivables plays a very important role. We have specialized and highly trained division that deals with account receivable, so that your practice time and patient care efforts are aligned to establish your business. At Great Lake Billing Company, we keep our eyes and ears open towards the volatile changes in the industry so that prompt reimbursements promise can be delivered to the doctors. You must be having sufficient idea about how important these activities are or how essential it is to have skilled employees for the process. They deal with:


  • Medical coding
  • Prompt insurance processing
  • Follow-up timely collection
  • Effective patient/client service
  • Attentive data management


Interestingly, the entire efforts are directed towards improving the collection of the dues and shortening the duration of payments from the day of service being rendered. With all this, the guarantee you get includes:


  • Frequent cash flow
  • Strong customer relationship
  • Lowered outstanding receivables
  • Increased collection ratios


Over the period of time we have tried successful new ways by incorporating technologies in the tasks done by employees so that accuracy can be achieved. Our dedication and constant efforts towards providing professional and effective services to the doctors have increased their revenues by two folds.

What do we Offer?

We offer wide range of services, and these include:


1: Constant check by the experts:

Our dedicated consultants focus keep a constant connection with risk analysts and other parties involved in the value chain. In addition to this, they follow the patient’s record, clear the issues at the end of the insurance company, analyses the records and rectifies all the errors which may delay the cash management.

2: On-time Collection:

The consultants keep their eyes on every aspect and generate higher revenues for the clients. Also, with maintenance of day to day bills, the experts have skills in bringing the dues to place, as old as 3 months.


3: Managing Denials and Follow-ups:


The shortened days of revenue cycle and increased ratio of collectibles directly affect the profitability and the cash flow. Also, the team separates those accounts which require constant follow up or any other necessary actions. A doctor and other medical staff is in absolute peace because they focus on areas they master, while knowing that someone reliable is there to maintain the inflows of cash.

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