Don’t lose the patients because of old medical billing systems

old medical billing system
September 16, 2015
Mark Popkin

As a physician do you even know what broadens or squeezes the patient’s influx to your doorstep? You would lose on many, in fact, slowly all the clients, if your medical billing process is not facilitating. In today’s era, there is no room for any errors; you can’t simply undo a bad experience. Billing under such a profession is certainly a daunting task, it involves a lot of prior research, complicated decision making and consumes time. But, there should not be a room for errors, because if there is a loophole, you are going to face major trouble in finances, and your credibility would be on stake too.

1: Payments made problem:

According to a research conducted by McKinsey, amongst the uninsured patients, 74 percent have the capacity and can make payments up to $1000 yearly. Furthermore, for medical concerns, up to 90 percent of the people can pay about $500 yearly, but they hesitate in doing so because:

  • Issues arise in the insurance contracts
  • Ineffectiveness of the billing process/options
  • Billing timings are inconvenient
  • Soggy policies
  • Exaggerated schedules for the payments

Aren’t these reasons enough to discourage anyone from paying the bills on time? This has another devastating impact, and that is declined loyalty and negative word of mouth.

2: Old fashioned Billing Systems

The systems used by some of the doctors or their staff are creating mess for both the parties. Patients are being bombarded with higher amounts of bills on a daily basis, because debts are increasing, or simply there are errors in the claims, due to which insurances can’t be claimed. Moreover, under such situations patients are more frequently inquired about their problems related to the payment and not health. Therefore, the impression imprinted on them about the healthcare institute gets worse, and they don’t think of coming back.

3: Collecting debts, by hook or by crook:

Those healthcare institutes where old billing processes are practiced, they indulge themselves in some of the worst methods of collecting debts from the patients, and this causes them severe pressure. Meanwhile doing this, healthcare of the patient is ignored and actual motive of the patient visiting you is overlooked.

How can this be resolved?

You need to be proactive with your approach, and this can be by:

1: Verify the patient’s insurance policy and financial capacity

2: Draft a plan B for every patient whom you think is doubtful with the clearance of the dues

3: Hire counselors so that they can have a constant friendly relationship with the patient

4: Imply the use of latest medical billing processes and systems

You can get away with the hassles if you outsource your medical billing services to a reliable provider like Great Lakes.

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