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Medical billing service
August 12, 2015
GLMB Management

When it comes to professional handling of the staff financial needs, medical care centers and hospitals prefer employing medical billing service. These services accentuate various tasks from bill management, collection of the unpaid dues and tracking of related payments. Physician billing is required by those heads where patients do not clear their dues on time. Indeed, the doctors or the management of the hospital cannot take care of such issues, so they prefer investing in companies which serve the purpose.

Collection agents working with the billing company maintain a direct contact with the patient via emails and phone, so that the amount owed to the hospital/doctor can be collected. In case the patient fails to pay the due, these agents carry out necessary actions (legal route) and consult with the insurance company for the clearance of the bill. In a nutshell, they ensure physician is paid for the service rendered.

Medical billing service company also manages the insurance claims. This helps in saving the time of the physician – the software used by the company helps in verifying and certifying the patient’s (insurance policy), so that there is not hassle for the physician at the time of the payment. This even facilitates the patient in knowing about how much amount would be covered under the claim, and dues that are to be paid from his pocket.

Since there are multiple services offered by physicians, the company may provide leverage to cover those individually. For example, a plain visit would be charged differently than a patient who is going through pharmacy service. This however gets complicated for a novice, but a company who has dedicated consultants for such services would perform absolutely in timely manner, ensuring accuracy. Above all, the agents from the company keep on handling any chaos or confusions, and offer support services needed by the patients to overcome the hassle faced.

Great Lake Medical Billing is your finest choice for carrying out physician billing services. We act as your dedicated revenue cycle optimization partners; by using out “secret sauce” formula, we deliver effective and quality results in timely manner. We have automated process which ensures accuracy in the billing services, so that neither you nor your patients face problems or confusing, leading to waste of time and stress. Let our qualified experts handle this important matter for you!

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